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Flamenco Dancing

Granada is one of the main centres for flamenco dancing in Spain, and an evening spent at one of the many flamenco shows in the city is a memorable experience and essential for live music / dance fans.

Evidence of flamenco was first found in Spain in the mid-18th century, coming in with gypsies from Eastern Europe. In Granada, Flamenco is still performed in the caves where the gypsy immigrants used to live in the Sacremonte district, as well as in other purpose-built venues or tablaos.

The three essentials for flamenco are a group of singers, a guitarist and dancers. The singers and guitarist are usually male, and the dancers mostly female, although many shows have some male dancers as well. The females wear colourful flounce dresses, whilst the men wear black suits. Whilst the singing and music is played, the dancing is performed on a wooden stage or floor.

There is the sound of rapidly-moving metal-soled feet on the floor to the same rhythm as the music, enhanced by clapping from the dancers on stage and off.

Many of the shows also offer a complimentary tour of the Albaycin district (African quarter) of the city after the show, which has many beautiful buildings, authentic shops and restaurants and amazing views of the Alhambra Palace and over the city itself. Some also offer a pre show meal at additional cost.

The show should cost you in the region of E20 to E25 per person and, as many venues offer transport from hotels which you will not require, ask for the price excluding transport which is often a little cheaper.

This is an experience hard to replicate outside of the ancient cities of Southern Spain, as the atmosphere would be hard to reproduce. In our view, this is a must on your visit, being easy to arrange and only just over half an hour's drive from Casa Buena Vista. If required, we can help you to book your evening out prior to your visit, and even arrange for transport to and from your show.

To find out more about flamenco, please use the links below to websites of a couple of venues in Granada and a general flamenco information site:-

Cuevas Los Tarantos

The opening page of this site gives a slide show with accompanying flamenco music demonstrating the dancing at this venue, which takes place in a cave. This venue also offers a pre-show meal if required, also in a cave and sample menus shown, and all shows include a visit to the Albaycin quarter. The timing of the shows are also given, which are basically 8pm with a meal or 9pm and 10pm without.

Tablao Flamenco Albaycin

This site shows the tablao (stage) type of flamenco show, which we have personally attended and was very good. The pictures shown on this web page were taken at this venue. The shows at this venue again include a pre-show meal if required and a 45-minute walking tour of the Albaycin, including the view from the Mirador de San Crisobal of the Alhambra Palace which is illuminated at night and has to be one of the best city views in Spain.


This site offers a significant amount of information about flamenco dancing, including local information for Granada. As well as articles and videos, there are details about future events, venues, show reviews, courses (for those wanting to give flamenco a go!) and even an on-line shop.











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